Founded in 1948  - עברית


(In US $) (Other project ideas also available)

1.      Private weekly music lessons $1200 per year

2.      Support for graduates: 

Packages for lone or low-income graduates while soldiers   $250 per year

Academic scholarships (post-Army service) -- $1,200

3.      Library Renovation: $365,000 (Will be named by donor)

4.      Exercise machines $1200 per machine

5.      Conflict resolution training of youth trainers – $400 per student per year

6.       Basic spending money for needs for a low-income student (for personal grooming, group pizzas, occasional spending money) – $360 per student

7.      Kiln for ceramics in the Art Program $3000

8.      Outdoor Ropes Course equipment (may be named by donor)

9.      Organic Agriculture Microbusiness Visitor Center: This will be a student-microenterprise and ecological center, as well as a supply center for healthy foods.  Students will sell the vegetables, fruit, cheeses, and other produce grown and made at the Village.  There will be a small area for visitors to sit and enjoy the products.  Students will gain marketing, customer service, and management experience. This Center can be named for the donor.  $12,000


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