Yaakov Benbenisti, Village Director and Village Graduate  After serving as an officer in a combat unit of the Israeli Army, Yaakov returned to the Village "for one year to give back", serving as a "madrich" (counselor with a group of youth.) Now in his 28th year at the Village, he has earned a B.A. and M.A. in Business Administration, and served as Head Administrator for over a decade prior to becoming Director in 2012.  Yaakov lives at the Village with his wife and three sons.  
Anat Markovitz, Boarding School Director, began as a Counselor ("Madricha") in the boarding school in 2004, and this lively, wise woman was promoted to Assistant Director in 2008.  Since 2014 she has been Director of the Boarding School with a wide variety of responsibilities.  Her B.A. is in Behavioral Science.  She lives at the Village with her husband and three children.
Ron Hai, School Principal, is the Interim Director.  Previously he was the Pedagogical Director of the School.  
Heidi Goldsmith, Director of Resource Development, has devoted over 25 years to promoting, and working to create new, "youth villages" in her native U.S. and her relatively new home, Israel. She earned her M.A.in Non-profit Management from Brandeis University, and B.A. in Education from the University of Maryland. She has been with Aloney Yitzchak for six years.
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