Founded in 1948  - עברית
Volunteering has been significantly strengthened over the past year. Students as a group select a year-long, sometimes two year long, project or group to work with -- Holocaust survivors, children with Autism, people with disabilities at a local sheltered workshop, and more, whom they visit at least monthly.  Recently all groups held Hanukkah parties for those with whom they volunteer.  Students clearly understand that in volunteering they gain as much as they give.
"Shorashim" Program Results:  Our students joined youth from local kibbutzim and towns for this program of physical and mental preparation for top Army units.  After a year trials and interviews were held.  The results clearly showed that with this kind of preparation Aloney Yitzchak youth are as able and motivated as other youth in Israel.
Improvement in Student Matriculation!  
91% of our 2018 graduates earned full Bagrut (matriculation.).  (The national average is close to 50%.)
Graduating Students Giving Back 
One third of the graduates chose to give a "Shnat Sherut" -- year of volunteer service to weaker communities -- prior to serving in the Army - up from 5% four years ago.  
Two Graduates Selected as Outstanding Soldiers of the Year!!
Alex Philin, a 2016 Graduate, Lone Soldier, is the 2018 Outstanding Soldier of the Nahal Division.  
Emile Issekov, 2014 Graduate, is the 2017 Outstanding Soldier of the Golani Division. 
Christina Egernet, 2015 Graduate, is the 2017 Outstanding Soldier of the Air Force.
Graduates received their awards on Israel Independence Day in May, at the residence of the President of Israel, along with only 119 others. 
Ecotherapy Pilot Program Begins
Ecotherapy is available to 8th and 9th grade (ages  14- 15) students at Aloney Yitzchak.  Approximately 15 students are participating, led by an expert goatherd.  The results so far are very promising.  One group is 9th grade boys, who have noticeably calmed down through the program.  They play, create, build, and learn to identify items in nature, while building group cohesion and learning to speak more respectfully to each other.  Another group of boys and girls "use" nature in a more creative way for self-realization.  All the youth connect to nature, themselves, each other, and are then easier to reach by other students and staff.  The Village being in a nature preserve is a major asset.
School Wins Award of Excellence 
The junior and senior high schools were selected as one of 270 schools to receive the "School of Excellence Award" from the Ministry of Education.  The award is based on Academic Achievement, Values, and Social Cohesion.
New Academic Tracks Opened:  Computer Engineering, Communications/ Film 
Village Agriculture Program Wins National Prize 
September 2016 the Village received a national award for its "green" aspects.  The Village was recognized for its "Maintenance and development of its ancient oak trees, and integrating agriculture and ecology into the residential life, theoretic and practical academics, and daily life at the highest possible level." Green certification has been renewed every year since.
Interdisciplinary Studies are emphasized in the school. - בניית אתרים