Almost everyone in the world has been impacted by the Corona virus.  Hopefully it has not impacted you, the reader, too seriously. 
Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village has been dealing with the impact on many levels.   As of early March, the majority of the students went home.  However, most "NAALE" Program students (students from overseas without their parents) remained on campus, along with some students who had nowhere to go.  Many students, and most of the social workers, asked the Village to accept them back on campus as soon as possible because of very difficult living conditions in their home.  Every other week a new group of students joined these students, after isolation of two weeks on the Village campus.  Distance learning was heavily relied upon, and schooling continued.  By the end of the year all students had returned.  
Staff worked very hard to reassure students, create inspirational learning and recreation opportunities for them, and for older students find them work.  Many students became more involved in volunteering, especially with seniors (at a distance.)  Students who were supposed to compete in a bike race held the race within the Village, in the process raising funds for stationary training bikes. 
Campaign for "Computer For Each Child"
As so much learning recently, and likely in the near future, is Distance Learning, requiring personal computers, the Village (as with most youth villages) has undertaken a campaign to collect computers and funds for computers in order to supply each residential student with one.   IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DONATE A RECENT COMPUTER OR FUNDS FOR A NEW ONE PLEASE CONTACT HEIDI GOLDSMITH
Volunteering at the Village was significantly strengthened over the past year.
Part of this is due to two generous annual grants from Ebenezer Operation Exodus of the United Kingdom.  This significantly increased operational opportunities for volunteering.
Students as a group selected a year-long, sometimes two year long, project or group to work with -- Holocaust survivors, children with Autism, people with disabilities at a local sheltered workshop, and more, whom they visit at least monthly.  Recently all groups held Hanukkah parties for those with whom they volunteer.  Students clearly understand that in volunteering they gain as much as they give.  During Corona, volunteering continued in steady, meaningful ways, especially with seniors.  
Wine Making at the Village Has Begun!!
Thanks to a grant from Youth Aliyah Child Rescue of the UK, students at the Village is making wine from the Village´s organic grapes (instead of selling them to local wineries!)  Regional Winemaker Rami Bar-Maor is overseeing this initiative.  Students are involved in every phase, from pruning the vines to picking the grapes to the approximately 8 month process of winemaking to creating the label and bottling and selling.
Winemaking in this region has a history going back thousands of years.  In fact, in the middle of the Village was discovered an ancient wine-stomping area with holes for the juice to go into the vat.  So the tradition is now being renewed.  The first bottles are expected Succot 2020.
 Improvement in Student Matriculation!  
95% of our 2019 graduates earned full Bagrut (matriculation.).  (The national average is close to 50%.)
Graduates Selected as Outstanding Soldiers of the Year!!  
Almost every year a graduate of the Village is selected:
2020 a student was selected again, but there was no ceremony due to the Corona virus. 
Alex Philin, a 2016 Graduate, Lone Soldier, is the 2018 Outstanding Soldier of the Nahal Division.  
Emile Issekov, 2014 Graduate, is the 2017 Outstanding Soldier of the Golani Division. 
Christina Egernet, 2015 Graduate, is the 2017 Outstanding Soldier of the Air Force.
Graduates received their awards on Israel Independence Day in May, at the residence of the President of Israel, along with only 119 others. 
Dog Therapy/ Training/ Raising Begins at the Village
"Chaos", the Village´s first Scottish Border Collie, effectively trained in sheepherding, so impressed that the Village purchased two pups in order to begin a Dog Therapy/ Raising Program.  Each pup was given to a student to begin training -- for the first five months students five times a day the students "meet" with their dogs, who they named "Alpha" and "Arieh."
School Wins Award of Excellence 
The junior and senior high schools were selected as one of 270 schools to receive the "School of Excellence Award" from the Ministry of Education.  The award is based on Academic Achievement, Values, and Social Cohesion.
Interdisciplinary Studies are emphasized in the school. - בניית אתרים