Founded in 1948  - עברית

Meet Our Students

Alex´s family made Aliyah from the Ukraine when his mother was pregnant with him.  His parents separated when he was 6, he has no contact with his father, and he has 3 brothers.  His mother works at a supermarket, earning little, has other problems as well, and their financial situation is very difficult.  She has other problems, as well.  Now in his second year at Aloney Yitzchak, Alex has found his "place." He studies hard, loves his friends, plays guitar and saxophone in the Village orchestra, is athletic, and he leads his age group´s "Work Day", where they give back to the community.

The only child of a single, substance-abusing mother who refuses to get treatment and rarely works, Dikla was often beaten and moved houses often.  Everything she has is provided by the Village.  She is improving in her studies and loves working in the organic orchards at the Village.

Marianna, her mother, and little brother made Aliyah this year, but their father stayed in Russia.  The mother´s financial situation and adjustment has been difficult, and she has not yet found work partly due to lack of Hebrew.  Despite this, Marianna dances, sings, is athletic, studies hard, and takes initiative.  

In his 11 year of study – his second at the Village, Niki finally is making progress on this learning and emotional disabilities.  He arrived at the Village with huge learning gaps despite his high potential.  In past schools a "loner", Niki now tries hard at almost everything, receives private tutoring and counseling, and has made good friends.  He plays clarinet beautifully, and performs in most Village celebrations.  During school breaks he works to contribute to his family of 4 siblings and divorced parents.

In her 12th year of study, Julia is a "Naale Program" student – youth from the former Soviet Union in Israel with no parents.  (99% remain in Israel permanently, and over half of their families join them in Israel.)  Her parents are divorced; mother alcoholic, father unstable.  She contributes much to the Village, serving as a Peer Mediator, tutoring younger children, and actively participating in Village celebrations.  She volunteered for an extra year of voluntary service upon graduation, serving in a youth movement for a year before her Army service.

MEET SOME OF OUR RECENT GRADUATES  (Coming Soon) - בניית אתרים